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joecool84 wrote in save_our_soaps

Continue to watch your soaps live if you can, and if you can't, continue to DVR it and watch them. If you aren't watching live or DVRING the soaps, please start doing so, because we need to increase the ratings as much as possible.

Furthermore; Your Cable and Satellite providers do keep track of what we watch, and Networks do request a copy of that from Cable and Satellite Companies. It will also help our campaign when asking your provider to break off with Disney owned channels.

Also With ABC/Disney having a hard time with getting contracts from Cable companies for Disney JR ( which was suppose to replace soap Net) It may even strengthen our cause and Cable companies telling ABC/Disney that they don't want Soap Net to go anywhere.

Also; if your not already, please start watching online also, because if you do watch them at you are for certain counted as a viewer!

ABC keeps track of people watching their shows online at So let's try and increase online views also by going to and watching them. Even if you watched live or on your DVR, try to watch it online also. You don't have to physically watch them again if you don't want to. Just open up another tab and play your soaps while your surfing the web. Put your computer on mute if you don't want to here them. ABC DOSEN'T count YouTube, so if your going watch online, then watch it at, so you are counted.

Encourage your family and friends to do the same. Even if they aren't soap fans; make a pitch to them to open up a tab while they are online and watch Soaps at and tell them how much soaps mean to you. Heck promise them lunch once a month if you have too.

The soaps online do have a couple of ad's that play during the episode at, so if we can increase view counts, that means advertisers will be willing to pay more to have their ad air during the online showing.

As powerful as Anne Sweeney and Brian Frons are at ABC, they still have to convince, The board members, major Stock holders, Local ABC Affiliates, and advertisers before they can execute major decisions. So let's work on getting ratings up all around, and make Frons and Sweeney's job much harder.

Thank you for any help that you can give. :)


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