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joecool84 wrote in save_our_soaps

If contacting local affiliates is going to be affective, we have to hit the top ABC Affiliates in the major Media Markets in the country, because If ABC/Disney is gonna feel any pressure and start to get nervous, Local Affiliates in the major TV markets will be the key. I BELIEVE we all should contact the top ABC Affiliates. Because the more voices they here, the more effective it will be.

Furthermore; If ABC Affiliates from the top media markets start getting very nervous, it could help our cause with Advertisers. IF Advertiser's see ABC affiliates from the top Media markets getting nervous because of fan reaction to go along with tons of fans contacting The Advertisers, maybe it will force them to decide quicker to pull their ads like Hoover did.

Plus it could give us more media coverage from major news networks if they also see top Affiliates getting nervous.

The last thing ABC/DISNEY wants is ABC Affiliates from New York, LA, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Dallas, Boston and so on calling them and not feeling the change in programming because of fan reaction. ABC/Disney doesn't want more negative news from Major media outlets that embarrasses them and helps our cause.

Below is how to approach Local Affiliates, A list of the local Affiliates in the top 25 media markets. Also their is a link that you can click on that will take you to contact info of each network. When you are sending them a message just provide your name and Email address. Also to those who live in those markets, please continue to call and snail mail them, because it will make our email campaign much more effective.

To those who live in other Markets, Please continue to Snail mail and call your local affiliate on top of this, because it will add even more pressure. I also posted a link to get info for the local Affiliate in your area. below How to Approach local ABC Affiliates.

Thank you for any help you can provide. :)


The local channels we watch our ABC soaps on pays ABC for rights to broadcast our soaps. ABC/DISNEY relies on local stations just going with the flow, paying their affiliate fees, and broadcasting whatever ABC has on its menu. Affiliate broadcasting fees and advertising revenue are the two main sources of revenue for Disney Media Network Broadcasting Division.

Disney owns 10 affiliates outright, but there are many local affiliates not owned by ABC. To find your local affiliate go to: http://www.parentstv.org/ptc/networks/ABC_affiliatelookup.asp ABC will have to convince these stations to air their new reality programs in place of soaps. We need to convince these affiliates to question ABC’s wisdom in canceling our soaps and to consider airing alternative programming in those time slots.

Need to write letters, make phone calls, send emails, Tweets, FaceBook posts, etc. to affiliate stations in your area

Call local station to find out name of Station Mgr. When you call for this information leave a brief message about how upset you to be losing your soaps.

If possible write to Station Mgr. using his name (not just a generic letter)

Call to follow-up with Station Mgr. that he received your letter & further reinforce problems with canceling soaps for new cheaper reality programming.

Periodically print out the blogs news articles and mail them to Station Manager with little messages about how wrong this is

Old-fashioned snail mail is CRITICALLY IMPORTANT, but many of our local affiliates are on FaceBook & Twitter, so keep sharing your concern by letting them know what you are NOT watching.


Dear ___________ (INSERT Name of Station Mgr.)

My name is ____________ (INSERT your real name) and I am ________ (INSERT your age) years old. For the past ____ (INSERT # of years) years, I have enjoyed your daytime programming. I am a loyal ABC soap fan, and I routinely turned on your channel when I got up in the morning, and left it on throughout the day. I enjoyed your entire daytime line-up including, _______________ (INSERT names of local non-soap daytime programs in your area)

With ABC’s recent decision to cancel my favorite soap operas in favor of reality programming readily available on the Food Network, I will be changing my viewing habits, and I wanted you to know. I am actively seeking a local channel reflecting my preference for quality, scripted programming. I want a channel that will not fall prey to cheaply produced infomercial-like reality shows.

I realize as an independent ABC affiliate, you have some input as to what you air. I have been loyal to your local line-up for years, so I wanted you to be among the first to know as of September 2011, I will no longer be watching ABC Daytime until (INSERT TIME OLTL airs in your area). ABC Daytime has determined to air The Chew cooking program during the All My Children time slot between (INSERT TIME AMC airs in your area), and I have no intention of watching it. Further, in January 2012, ABC will also be taking One Life to Live off the air, and I will not be watching its replacement show either. After January 2012, I will tune into (INSERT you local station call letters) at (INSERT TIME GH airs in your area) to watch General Hospital; beyond that, I will no longer be automatically tuned in to Channel _ ( Insert local channel) for other programming I traditionally watched such as your local news.

I hope you will consider allocating your programming budget to support scripted daytime drama in favor of over saturated, less-expensively produced “reality” programming. I will also be contacting our local area advertisers to let them know of my concern. Thank you again for your station’s long-standing support of the daytime audience. I deeply regret ABC’s decision, and I will miss the many happy days I spent tuned in to your entire line-up. If you have any questions, or need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.


(Insert your signature)


Here is a Link for all the ABC Local Affiliates.

http://site.abc.go.com/site/localstations.html Just click on your State that you live in and it will give you all the contact info.

Local Affiliates in the top 25 Media Markets!

WABC 7 (ABC) New York ABC


KABC 7 (ABC) Los Angeles ABC contact info; such as calling, email, and snail mail address.


WLS 7 (ABC) Chicago ABC Contact info


WPVI 6 (ABC) Philadelphia ABC Contact info:


KGO 7 (ABC) San Francisco ABC Contact info:


WFAA 8 (ABC) Dallas Belo Contact info:


WCVB 5 (ABC) Boston Hearst-Argyle Contact info:


WJLA 7 (ABC) Washington Allbritton Communications


WSB 2 (ABC) Atlanta Cox Communications Contact info


KTRK 13 (ABC) Houston ABC Contact info:


WXYZ 7 (ABC) Detroit Scripps-Howard


WFTS 28 (ABC) Tampa Scripps-Howard


KNXV 15 (ABC) Phoenix Scripps-Howard


KOMO 4 (ABC) Seattle Fisher Broadcasting


KSTP 5 (ABC) St. Paul Hubbard Broadcasting


WPLG 10 (ABC) Miami Post-Newsweek Stations


WEWS 5 (ABC) Cleveland Scripps-Howard


KMGH 7 (ABC) Denver McGraw-Hill


WFTV 9 (ABC) Orlando Cox Communications

KXTV 10 (ABC) Sacramento Gannett


KDNL 30 (ABC) St. Louis Sinclair


WTAE 4 (ABC) Pittsburgh Hearst-Argyle


KATU 2 (ABC) Portland Fisher Broadcasting


WMAR 2 (ABC) Baltimore Scripps-Howard


WRTV 6 (ABC) Indianapolis McGraw-Hill